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The Texana Arts Council (TAC) is a local 501(c)(3) organization founded in 1992 to bring arts and cultural activities to cititzens of Jackson County and surrounding areas. From its outset, TAC sought to make the Edna Theatre the centerpiece of its local art operations.

Over the years, the organization sponsored an interesting array of performing and visual arts opportunities for local patrons, including the Texana Center for the Arts, downtown Branding Wall, musical and dance performances, paining and crafts workshops for adults, summer camps for area youth, scholarships for area high school students interested in the arts.
With TAC's acquisition of the building in August 2022, it is now time to take on the restoration of the Edna Theatre, making it a vital place for the arts!

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Remaking the Edna Theatre
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Edna Theatre

A place for the arts...Providing education, entertainment, and enrichment for young and old.

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