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The Edna Theatre has sat vacant for over four decades.  Although it remains structurally sound, it is in need of critical repairs.   On August 19, 2022, The Texana Arts Council, a local non-profit, purchased the theatre with the intent of restoring it to its former glory so it can once again be used and enjoyed by the public.   

Getting Started

1. Facility Repairs

Develop and implement fundraising programs to raise funds for immediate repairs (i.e., truss repair and roof replacement, building cleanup, marquee repair, etc.)

2. Feasibility Study:

Business and Economic Planning:

Engage with a theatre management consultant to assist with the following:  (1) assess our market area (2) determine how the theater could be best utilized (3) determine programing (4) projecting costs and potential revenue (5) determining sources of funding (6) and development of a preliminary business plan.

Architectural and Engineering Study:

Once the Business and Economic planning stage is finalized, the data obtained will be provided to our architect, structural engineer, and general contractor who will then assist with the following:  (1) drafting necessary modifications to the theatre floor plan (2) allocating space to allow for future growth/expansion (3) organizing all modifications and/or renovations into phases (4) providing renderings of the proposed renovations.          

3. Develop and implement fundraising campaigns for each phase of renovation.