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02 November, 2022

HELP Bring Edna Back to Light

02 November, 2022

Henry is 10 years old and wants to save the Edna Theatre.

Several weeks ago, after he learned that the Texana Arts Council had purchased the Theatre, Henry marched into my office and pledged to do whatever he could to help preserve this landmark building.

You know the future is bright when our kids are willing to do what they can to make our community better.

Henry had thought a lot about saving the Theatre and had even come up with a fundraising slogan, "Bring Edna Back to Light."

This is exactly what the Texana Arts Council is committed to doing--preserving and restoring the Edna Theatre and bringing it back to light.  Years of disuse have left the historic building in need of major and costly repairs.

The first phase of restoration is to repair and replace the Theatre's roof.  This will be a large expense and your help is critically important.

Several foundations are interested in helping restore the Theatre.  However, before the make financial contributions, they need to see that you, and others in our community, are behind a project of this magnitude.

It is important that you

Donate Now!

Will you partner with us, and Henry, by making a generous gift to help save the Theatre and Bring Edna Back to Light?


Before Henry left my office, he let me know how important saving the Edna Theatre was to him.

He volunteered his time and that of his friends, although he warned me that he hadn't talked to his friends about it, so he wasn't exactly sure they'd go along with it.

Saving the Theatre is much more than just preserving and restoring a historic building.

It's about having a place within our community where you and your family and friends can gather and listen to live music, enjoy film festivals, watch plays, laugh at comedians, be inspired by motivational speaker, and awed by story tellers.

It is also about enriching the lives of young and old through a wide array of family-friendly entertainment, educational programs, and scholarships.

I hope you will help make Henry's vision, and ours, a reality!


Shelley Srp, President